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Happy 16th month to forever! My one and only partner Marielle Viloria! :3

I know it’s a late post but still part of the month. :D 
As far as I remember I’m not late in real life. :P

Love is a long road, walking alone will make you feel bored
but with someone you love it will be fun. No matter what
problems both partners may encounter along the way or
occurrences of misunderstandings due to different perspective.
It will be alright as long as both of you knows how to listen,
everything will be fine.

Dear You,

You know how lucky i am to have you as my partner?
Even the lotto winners will not be able to know that because
I’m the chosen one! haha! Sa ganda ba naman ng partner
ko eh, maganda pa at understanding :) Sorry nga pala kung
minsan may pagiging pasaway. Tandaan mo lang parati na
Mahal na Mahal kita! at di ako lilingon sa iba. :) 
di ako kagaya ni Daniel na nakikipag flirt sa iba. hehe! 
Faithful kaya to sayo! I LOVE YOU! <3 :3 :*

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